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Re: [PLUG] WAP DHCP & Cable DHCP and some static IP's

It's not entirely clear what you mean by the Cavalier network taking '24 bits'.  I assume you're talking about a netmask, and the other person who answered said that the Zhone box acted as a router.  The only other explanation is that Cavalier gave you 254 IP addresses, and that's extremely unlikely.

So, what happens with a standard home router is you get a home network, with an address like 192.168.1.*  That IP range is reserved for private networks, and hosts outside your home network won't reach the inside of your network, but hosts inside your network can reach hosts outside of it using NAT (Network Address Translation).  The router also gives out IP addresses to your internal network, and possibly does other things (e.g. wireless).

Basically, you already have a home network.  What you need to do is plug everything you have into that Zhone box, or connect it to it's wireless.  You should also look at the Zhone web interface and make sure you have WPA/WPA2 enabled, and change the default password.  Look at the DHCP range and see what IP addresses aren't in the range.  If it allows you to assign static IP addresses, use that function to give your printer a static IP address, otherwise just set manually it on the printer.

Setting up a home network is really pretty simple, but it definitely helps to have somebody on hand who has done it before.


Bob Schwier wrote:
My question is probably  more basic than the person seeking this reply, so I am
top posting as as far as I can tell I am on the same subject but at a far more
lower level.  I've never had to create a network before.
I want to create an internal network for three computers and two printers.
Cavalier is my internet provider and takes 24 bits, so the network must work
on the remaining eight bits if I understand correctly the IP statement.
This computer uses Ubantu 8.04 and connects by ethernet cable to the box
provided by Cavalier (Zhone 6218-I2-200-0CL)  The upstairs printer is an
old 9 pin attached by serial port to this computer.  The two other machines
will have to use wireless.  One will be attached to a Canon printer.  The other
is a laptop.  The one on the Canon has to be a Windows box because Wine did
not work with the Brother/Babylock embroidery program. 
I know that the answer has to be in the howtos but my eyes keep glazing over
from the turgid prose before I get to the meaty part.
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