John Von Essen on 28 Dec 2009 15:55:57 -0800

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[PLUG] VMware ESXi question...

Anyone familiar with expanding disks in ESXi 4.0?

I migrated a VM from Microsoft VM Server using VMware's free converter  
tool. The converter has an option to grow the disk (originally was  
20Gb, now I want 50Gb) - when I try to grow via the converter - the  
conversion always fails. The only way it works is to convert the VM as- 
is. I thought once the VM was live in ESXi I could go back and  
manually grow it to 50Gb, but the Hard Disk resource option for size  
is always greyed out.

When the VM is down, I do "edit settings". Memory and CPU I can  
change, but when I click Hard Disk, the size drop down is greyed out.  
Just says Disk Provisioning: Thick, Provisioned Size: 20Gb. Maybe  
there is an option I missed when doing the conversion.

Any ideas?

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