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Re: [PLUG] Edit Windows Registry from Linux LiveCD?

On Sunday 10 January 2010 12:02:36 Edmond Rodriguez wrote:
> I have helped with removing malware on a few machines.  It seemed to me
>  that once the executable was removed, the registry did not matter so much,
>  though it did need to be cleaned up. But in my case, I was able to boot
>  Windows from the very start.  
> So what is the danger if any, of using Linux to remove the executables ,
>  then trying to reboot windows, and if it boots, using the Windows tools to
>  clean up the registry.  Perhaps that is out of the question, since trying
>  to boot never even got to the point of running the malware executable?

some of these nasty extortion-ware programs keep hidden re-install 
instructions in the registry so that removing the executable only solves the 
problem until the next boot and auto reinstall.

Art Alexion

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