jeff on 19 Jan 2010 06:34:49 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] dual-pane file managers and terminal

JP Vossen wrote:
> Last night at dinner after PLUG W, I was asking about a good dual-pane 
> file manager and a better terminal than gnome-terminal.  It looks like 
> I've found them.

And I'm going back to Windows,ok?

> I want a dual-pane, tabbed file manager similar to FreeCommander on 
> Windows

You're not gonna like this, but that's the one I use on Win.
Also x2.

> (which is great, BTW).  I found gnome-commander and tuxcmd in 

tuxcmd is cool.
Check out XFE.  Little heavy but flexible.
Have you seen endeavour(2)?

> I may take some abuse for wanting a fully GUI file mangler, 

You're a glutton.

> I also want a tabbed SSH/terminal app like SecureCRT that can map 

I love tilda just for terminal.
Hit the hotkey and POOF, it appears.  Lotsa customization.

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