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Re: [PLUG] Looking for a new hosting company

Rob Moore wrote:
> If this sort of question is frowned upon, my apologies, and I’ll 
> withdraw it.
> We are doing some shopping around for off-site web server (Linux-based) 
> hosting in the Philadelphia area. I am wondering if anyone out there in 
> PLUG-land has any recommendations? Places to consider or places to 
> avoid? We need someplace that is “world class” (i.e., reliable backup, 
> lots of bandwidth, high SLA, etc.) yet still affordable.
> If it’s most appropriate, please reply to me privately.
> Thanks for any insight you might have,
> Rob
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> Rob Moore
> Network Manager
> 215-241-7870
> Helpdesk: 800-500-AFSC

I have been using Bluehost ( for several years now and 
cannot recommend them highly enough.  They are not in Philly, but you 
get a very generous Linux based VHost for $100 a year.

-Linc Fessenden

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