John Karr on 5 Feb 2010 22:52:15 -0800

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[PLUG] Ubuntu -- selectively updating from unstable

I need to update to PERL 5.10.1, but ubuntu only has it in unstable. When I add the unstable repository and start selecting perl components to upgrade synaptic wants to uninstall a whole long list of unrelated things (some of them things I use). I don't want to upgrade my whole system to unstable or have things disappear from my system because of some PERL dependency. I would prefer not to have to install a second copy of PERL from source. 

Is there a clean and simple way to make apt take just certain packages from unstable? (in this case anything PERL). 

P.S. I'm trying to grok Catalyst and Catalyst isn't compatible with the stock version of PERL 5.10 on Ubuntu 9.10, it requires backing down to 5.8 or bugfixes subsequent the build in Ubuntu 9.10.

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