Mike Leone on 23 Feb 2010 12:33:59 -0800

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[PLUG] SFTP question - disable download or delete

I have a server set up (with Ubuntu 8.04) that is running FTP over SSL, 
using VSFTP. Works wonderfully, and I can specify that FTP clients 
connect to a chroot jail, and can only upload files, not download or 
delete files.

However, now I am getting a request to use sftp, instead of FTP over 
SSL. And while I can (and have) set up SSH, I am unsure how to configure 
the other aspects of the security that I have with VSFTP. How can I set 
up a chroot for a client who sftps in (so they can go wandering into 
some other client's directory), and who can only upload, not download 
(or delete) a file in their directory?

Pointers, anyone?
(personally, I want to dictate FTP over SSL, rather than have to support 
multiple upload methods)

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