holdenergy1 on 27 Feb 2010 14:49:17 -0800

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[PLUG] Anyone Have A PCI Video Card or Two

My son's Ubuntu box is one of those pizza box HP things that can take either a low profile AGP video card (evidently quite a rare commodity though Newegg has them, $$$) or it has a daughterboard that can take full height but short length PCI (just plain PCI, not PCI-E or PCI-X or anything) video cards.

[Yes, the computer is a bit of an abomination and wouldn't have been my first choice but sometimes we work with the tools we are given, and actually it works well with Linux overall and has served to let the family know that there is a good life outside the Win/Mac duopoly].

Anyway I want to set him up with dual monitors so if anyone has any of these items collecting dust I would take them off your hands in exchange for money or beer.

I'm between West Chester and Chadds Ford so anything within 45 minutes or so of that would be OK to pick up.

Thanks for reading,


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