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Re: [PLUG] Hardware, acquisition

I have "commodity" drives running 10 years (Western Digital & Seagate). Very bad luck with Maxtor. 

Art Alexion
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John Desmond wrote:
> Salutations, gentlefolk,
> My current computer's hard disk is making 'need replacement' noises.  
> Recommondations for preferred manufacturers and good sources for new 
> drives (and other parts and pieces) sought.  Local vendors preferred, 
> mail order places also considered.
> 100 gig capacity minimum needed.  Reliable, big, fast - in that order
> Should anyone wish to comment on points to check, when copying 
> everything from old drive to new, please do so.
> Finally, at some point later this year, may get new computer.  
> Recommendations for good vendors ?
> Thanks, very much, for your help with these questions.
> Yours, John Desmond

If the hard drive is making unusual noises then speed is probably of the essence.

I understand that there are "commodity" drives and "commercial" drives but I
don't know how to differentiate except, possibly, by price and warranty.  I
understand that the OEM drives at MicroCenter are "commodity" drives.  Having
said that, I have several of those drives in use for more than 4 years without

As for a replacement computer - are you into building your own?  I had great
success following this guide:
which has been replaced by this:
Other related info is here:

That last one is more than a year old so I'd look at the i5 and i7 processors
from Intel.  The processor market is very dynamic and can be quite confusing.

I have purchased from and without any problems and
have heard good things about

Good luck

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