Fred Stluka on 25 Mar 2010 12:59:20 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Amazon EC2 Linux consultant wanted


Start with the series of step-by-step instructions I wrote up when
I created my Linux/Tomcat/Apache/MySQL server at Amazon EC2:

I have helped a couple of clients walk through these to set up their
own servers, to reduce the number of hours I'd otherwise have billed
them if I'd done it all for them.  One deviation from the instructions
that I haven't yet written up -- start with one of the newly added
AMI that is bootable from EBS instead of the previous technique of
bootable from "instance store".  It will make some of the EBS steps
I describe unnecessary, and will produce a better result.

I am about to embark on a large consulting project, so I may or may
not have time to help you personally.  What all do you need to do?
Just get it up and running?  Or maintain it thereafter?  If you can
do it yourself, based on my notes, you'll be better positioned to
maintain it in the future.

Also, I have a very Linux-knowledgeable retired friend in Monmouth
County, NJ, who may be able to help you.  Should I check to see if
he is available?

Fred Stluka -- --
Bristle Software, Inc -- -- Glad to be of service!

Chris Braddock wrote:
> We need some help setting up and administering an EC2 instance along
> with Apache, Tomcat and similar.
> We are located in Monmouth Jct. New Jersey but most work if not all
> work can be done remotely.
> Thanks much.
> Chris
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