Michael Leone on 12 Apr 2010 10:05:41 -0700

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[PLUG] knetworkmanager prompts for WPA password

I have a laptop running Kubuntu 9.10.  I use it with my local wifi,
which uses a WPA2 password. The problem is that the network connection
is not activated, unless I sign in an click OK on the connection
prompt. It is remembering my password, as I don't have to type it in.
But I have no network connectivity until I answer that password

How can I tell it to just connect using the saved password, and don't
bother prompting me for the password?

I can't log into my AD domain, because the network isn't available, by
the time the GUI login comes up. And it's not a matter of waiting for
services to load; the network doesn't seem to activate until I click
OK on that screen. I imagine it's something simple, but I haven't been
able to google what that simple something is ....


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