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Re: [PLUG] terminal with touchscreen

Michael Lazin wrote:
> Hi, I installed xubuntu on an artist friends old tablet PC, and set
> him up with GIMP.  I would like to teach him some shell stuff and I
> was wondering if anyone knows of any touchscreen terminals with the
> QWERTY onscreen, as well as a login page with QWERTY.  Right now the
> tablet has gimp on it, and does not require a login on boot.  I'm
> going to set him up with Photoshop 7 and wine.  He ran into trouble
> right clicking to unmount drives, he does not have a right click, I
> actually made a shortcut button on his taskbar to unmount his flash
> drive.  If anyone has any pointers on linux on a touch screen I'm
> interested. 
> -- 
> Michael Lazin

I have Ubuntu 9.10 on a Lenovo X61 tablet, and most everything works
except screen/stylus rotation is flaky.

Not sure what you are looking for here.
Are you talking about about a tablet without a keyboard ?

To enter text in tablet mode you can use:

- matchbox-keyboard   ( on screen keyboard )
- cellwriter       ( character recognition of single characters a a time )

You might also install Jarnal that works with handwritten notes, and can
markup  PDF files by loading the PDF as a background with the stylus
writing on an overlay layer.   This works great for marking up eFaxes
and send
sending them back as a PDF.

The stylus on my X61 has a side mounted button for right click, but
maybe you can remap a key ?  ( Are there a few special function keys
on the tablet side like the X61 ? )


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