Mike Leone on 20 Apr 2010 12:38:07 -0700

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[PLUG] Advice needed on collecting files from FTP site

So here's my situation - I have a Linux server set up in a DMZ, running 
VSFTP. Each FTP account is chrooted. We will be using this for vendors 
to send us invoices, etc.

The FTPing part is working fine. The chrooting is working fine. What I 
need to do now, is to have a method of sweeping through all these home 
folders; collect any new files; zip them all together; and FTP them 
inbound to the trusted part of my LAN. And then delete the file, once 
it's been FTPed in.

And there I am stuck. :-) I'm sure that's something simple to set up in 
a script, but I'm not a scripting guy. Not on Linux, and only very 
little in Windows (although I can figure out how to do this as a windows 
CMD file).

So: if anybody knows of a program that already does that sort of pruning 
and collecting of files, that would be a start. Or a sample script that 
does something similar, I could maybe fumble my way through.

This is running on Ubuntu at the moment; eventually it will go on a 
server running Red Hat Enterprise.

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