Kyle R. Burton on 21 Apr 2010 05:15:03 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Shell scripting?

> I usually assume most PLUG members are comfortable with at least simple
> shell scripts.  Is there any interest in a really basic "Shell Scripting
> 101" preso?  There are lots of resources like that on the web, so...

I think that doing a 101 presentation is a great idea.  Other topics
that would be interesting to me are:

* a 101 workshop

Where members helped each other work through either some exercises
(like examples from a book) or shell scripts that people are working
on and want some help with (even if its just review).

* Shell / environment customization tips, tricks and examples

This could be a presentation or a workshop or both, it is becoming
more common (seems to me) for Linux users to put their entire profile
or shell customizations up on a code hosting site (eg:  I've stated doing this and I find
it very valuable because I work on multiple machines and have to set
new machines up every once in a while.  Sharing my configuration is
easier because I can just pull a recent copy of the archive, which
also makes it easier to set new machines up.  This could cover some
favorite aliases, bash functions, environmental setup, favorite
default options, a 'best of' or most useful dot or rc files to know.

Creating your own simple completions using the bash 'complete' function:

  complete -o default -W "test compile install assembly:assembly clean
generate-sources jar:jar cobertura:cobertura javadoc:javadoc
cobertura:clean" mvn

* Demystifying the shell prompt (PS1, ...) and making it work for you

Common escape characters and what they mean.  Colorizing parts of your
prompt.  Invoking bash functions or other commands to make the prompt
dynamic, including examples (eg: showing the exit code, but only if
it's a failure, showing git/svn dirty status/branch-name, current
date/time?).  Could include a "Show us your prompts", where PLUG
members submit their PS1's before the talk and JP breaks then down
with an explanation of what they do and how they do it.

My intent isn't necessarily to volunteer JP to talk on these subjects,
but these are non-obvious things I'd have liked to have been exposed
to earlier in my Linux usage.  I would be happy to either collaborate
with JP or talk about these myself...

Best Regards,

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