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Re: [PLUG] Bash script problems - no "function" support?

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On 04/23/10 13:35, Mike Leone wrote:
> So why are functions not being recognized on my system? Ubuntu 8.04. The 
> shell for this user is explicitly set to "/bin/bash" in /etc/passwd.

run it with bash -x
and let us know what it spits out. i don't expect it to tell us much,
especially since we already know it's a problem with recognizing
functions, but we're starting at step 1, which is usually a good place
to start.

does it work with any other users? if so, it may be an environment
issue. if not, i'd say something in bash is seriously not happy.

also, try running with bash instead of sh. it worked for me fine
on an 8.04.4 box, and it appears it does, in fact, link to /bin/bash,
but you never know.

you may need to reinstall bash (or at least the binary, if it's not a
library issue or anything like that).

or you could always switch to zsh! ;)
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