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Re: [PLUG] Problems using multiple Samba servers in a Win2003 AD domain

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On 05/02/2010 04:07 PM, Mike Leone wrote:
> I've been at this for days, and making no headway. It's very
> discouraging. I have a Win2003 domain, that has the Services for Unix
> extensions installed. I am trying to have multiple Samba servers as
> domain members. (in my case, one desktop sharing files, and one laptop,
> accessing the shares). And at the moment, it doesn't (fully) work.
> Each Samba server can see shares from the other. Windows clients can see
> and mount shares from each Samba server. Each Samba server can mount
> shares from Windows clients on the domain. What they can't do ... is
> mount shares from each other. I get
> mount error(13): Permission denied

Question: do you run this as a user who has permission to run mount?  I recall
that I had to do something to the permissions on /bin/mount to get mine to work
as a user.  That was 5 years ago so my recollection is a bit foggy.

Hope that helps.

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