Mike Leone on 17 May 2010 19:53:15 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Disable internal wireless in Ubuntu 10.04 - RESOLVED

Finally found it. One website said that anything in 
/etc/network/interfaces would be ignored by nm; that's not right. :-)

Another said that an entry in 
\etc\NetWorkManager\nm-system-settings.conf, with a uid from "lshal"; 
that wasn't right, either.

(that's when I emailed, below)

Finally found a webpage that said to put entries in 
nm-system-settings.conf that listed the MAC address would get it to 
ignore specific devices. And that one was right, finally.


Thanks, and sorry for the bandwidth waste.

On 05/17/2010 09:26 PM, Mike Leone wrote:
> I have na old laptop that only has 802.11b built-in wireless. So I use a
> 802.11g card. What I can't figure out - how to disable the use of the
> internal wireless (which shows as eth1), and leave only the card (which
> is wlan0). I can't turn it off in the BIOS, because (apparently) there's
> a bug in this version where if you turn off the internal wireless, then
> even using other wireless cards don't work. (been there, done that).
> Ordinarily, I'd look in /etc/network/interfaces, but the only thing in
> there is "lo". So apparently these other devices are created on the fly,
> by network manager. And I don't see more than one interface when I
> choose "Edit Connections" in Network Manager. But I see it there, in
> "ifconfig -a" (each with it's own separate DHCP address).
> So .. any ideas on how to tell Network Manager to ignore eth1?

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