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Re: [PLUG] Domain Registrar Recommendations


I've been with Network Solutions for over 10 years.  Originally
$100/year, but $35/year for several years now.  Never a problem.

Full featured Web UI that lets me configure my DNS any way I like:
CNAME records, A records, MX records, wildcards, default names,
etc.  More options than some other lower-cost providers that I see
people struggling with.  $35/year is dirt cheap.  Why look for even
cheaper?  Beware -- you may get what you pay for.  Is 10 cents per
day really too much to pay for such a critical business resource?
Do you have a multiplying factor -- managing hundreds or thousands
of domain names?  How much is your time worth?

I struggled to make this point to a client a while back.  He spent
over an hour of his time and nearly a billable hour of my time, all
in an attempt to pay $8/year instead of $15/year.  Not a smart move,
I thought.  Just pay some reasonable cost to a reputable provider,
and focus your energies on more worthwhile things.
--Fred ("Pragmatic") Stluka
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Art Alexion wrote:
On Saturday 29 May 2010 18:52:23 Casey Bralla wrote:
I've been using for my domain names, but they are somewhat

It seems to me, a registrar aught to be the simplest thing in the world to 
run.  (Take the customer's money, enter a small bit of data in a public 
database, and then don't mess with it until the registration period
ends!).    So why does it cost $35/year????

 Anyone have a recommended registrar they like?

Believe it or not, I have been using Network Solutions.  They seem pricey, but 
the service is excellent, unlike their cheaper competitors I have worked with.  
A couple of years ago, I was solicited, by US Mail, to renew with a competitor 
who I mistook for Network Solutions.  For the asking, they dropped my price to 
a max of $15/domain 'forever'.  While that may still be more expensive than 
others, the service is worth it.

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