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Re: [PLUG] Vonage OK?

On 06/02/2010 05:58 PM, Casey Bralla wrote:
I;m thinking of switching to vonage.   The savings could be significant.

Any gotchas I should worry about?  An dis-satisfied vonage users on the list?

If you explain your use-case maybe we could give more specific advice.

Vonage or similar gives you a VOIP router with two POTS ports, that can
connect two Vonage lines.

Do you want to run all your house phones from Vonage ,  or just a single
phone near the VOIP router ?

Vonage lite costs 5c/min  with a minimum of $10/mo charge,  while the higher
plans are $25/mo  for 'unlimited'  but you can only use the phones connected
to the VOIP router.

By contrast Vitelity.net costs 1.1c/min with less than $1 month minimum charge and you can use it for any VOIP phone or with Asterisk. ( but you need to have a VOIP capable router with QoS, and an VOIP phone or Asterisk ) My 800 toll-free business
line for my office costs me 2.2c/min inbound and 50c/month min usage.

If you only want simple home service to a few phones go with Vonage, but if you have an office and would like to expand further into Asterisk at some point, start of with Vitelity and a VOIP phone. You may need a better router with QoS, however depending on your line speed and traffic.


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