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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Fosscon 2010 in Rochester, NY, Saturday June 19th.

Fosscon is coming up next weekend.  (If you haven't registered to go
yet, note the discount code in the message.)

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In just 5 days Fosscon 2010 will take place at Rochester Institute of
Technology in Rochester, NY.

A number of PLUG members are making the trip.

There will be 14 talks and 4 workshops on various topics relevant to Free
and Open Source software, including using it in business, in the home, and
in education.
Some of the talks include: 
The POSSE Panel: a group of educators sharing what they learned about
teaching open source.
Making the Most of Communities: Bryan Ostergaard
Learning how to fish: A self-help guide tofinding Linux help on the
internet: Jorge O Castro
Linux in Business: Karlie Robinson
Resume Workshop (Brush up on your Job seeking skills): RIT 

And lots more.
There is also space available for BOF sessions, and if wnylug is interested
we can offer you a table in the exhibition hall as well.

For more info see Speakers list is at, and you can register at

The event registration is $30 but I'm happy to pass on a discount code for
the fine folks of New York state, "pluggers" to take a little bit off. 

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