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[PLUG] OT - Nikola Tesla Philadelphia conference / bash

A few people at PLUG west last night at dinner suggested I post this event.

The Philadelphia Nikola Tesla Inventors club is hosting their annual Tesla Science conference
July 9 through July 11, 2010 in Philadelphia.

As you may know Tesla invented much of the equipment for Alternating current electricity and was in competition with Edison's much inferior DC current. Tesla was also credited with the invention of radio ( Marconi had used Tesla's inventions and thus Marconi's patents were re-asssigned
back to Tesla just after his death in 1943 )

Many of the exhibits and presentations are free.

July 9 - Tesla Bash, 6th & Market St (free). Tesla coil demo / competition.
            at least 6 coils,  some of them quite large will be operating.

July 10 - Info, exhibits , music  6th & Market ( free )

July 10 - Presentations, Lectures , Free Library  (free )

July 10 - Reception & Dinner, Orchestral music featuring a Theramin. Arch St meeting house. $20

July 10 - 11 - Science Conference, 2 Liberty Place 32 floor.  $120

To register or  for more info see:



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