Amul Shah on 22 Jun 2010 18:20:47 -0700

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[PLUG] [OT?] Has anyone used T-mobilehotspot "day pass"

My father-in-law is commuting to a conference in NJ from my home next month, so he won't have a room at the hotel, a Hyatt, but he needs an Internet connection for the day.  I checked the hotel's website (will probably call tomorrow) and they list their wifi as being "t-mobile hot spot".  So I checked t-mobile's hot spot page and they have a "day pass" option whose cost varies by location.

Is the service easy to get from a non-Windows laptop?  Wireless is wireless and they have stuff about Macs, but you never know when something won't work, because you're not using IE6.  I'm going to let him borrow either a Mac laptop or a Dell mini9 with UNR and I don't want to hear how this non-windows thing didn't work.

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