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[PLUG] JOBS | Senior Systems Administration | Time-Warner Cable in Charlotte, North Carolina

My fellow friends-

Time-Warner Cable[1] is looking for candidates in their systems and network analyst team. The candidate will be proficient in the following:


The goal is to increase the visible resolution of TWC's massive cable network creating a more stable, predictable environment.

The perks are the following for the proper candidates:

-$65k+ depending on experience
-6% potential yearly bonuses
-Pension plan / 401k
-Medical and Dental
-Discounted TWC services (cable, internet, etc.)
-Relocation assistance

Charlotte, NC provides the following:

-Affordable housing in the South Western Charlotte suburban area where the TWC offices are located[2]
-Access to mountains, lakes and the Atlantic coast much like Philadelphia.
-Climate much like Philadelphia only warmer, with milder winters.
-A diverse community where most people are transplants from other regions.
-"In 2008, Charlotte was chosen the "Best Place to Live in America" by relocate-America.com in its annual ranking, based on factors including employment opportunities, crime rates, and housing affordability."[3]

Possible pros:
-The above mentioned.
-The chance to work for the largest cable operator in the United States owned solely by a single class of shareholders (without supervoting stock).
-A vibrant city (18th largest) awaiting greater Linux growth potential.

Possible cons:

-You will need to be able to drive a motor vehicle. There is very limited public transportation in this area.
-You will want to leave the Philadelphia Linux User Group community (my most difficult decision in this).

If you are interested, please contact me *off-list* immediately. I will set you up with a TWC representative and you may negotiate terms from there.

Good fortune to you all. And I hate to say goodbye. So I won't.

Michael D. Bevilacqua

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