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[PLUG] Search Engines in a can

Last night at PLUG West Amul asked some questions about bug trackers and email archives and related things. Out of that we went off on a tangent about search engines, especially for archiving and searching email.

We mostly talked about the Apache Foundation's Lucene, Solr and Nutch: News: Lucene and SOLR Get Commercial Support

Personally, I'm not a Java fan, and all that web server/container stuff just gives me a headache.

For a pure email archive, this sounds more my speed:
Description: Archive tool for mailing lists with search engine
 lurker is an archiver which can handle extremely large amounts
 of email. It is fast, intuitive, and customisable.
 lurker archives your mailing lists and imports new mail.
 It includes many features like powerful fast search engine,
 chronological threading, file attachment support,
 multi-lingual support, completely customisable output etc.

There's also, "a modern, sophisticated mailing list manager. [... with] Searchable, threaded archives..." (But also Java/JBoss.)

Also:	Swish-e (MS Office, PDF, etc. also)	ht://Dig (web-based HTML and text only)	Mnogosearch

Finally, for a commercial solution, a Google Appliance (if they still even sell those) or a Splunk appliance would do the trick, if you want to spend lots of money. I've heard mostly bad things about the Google box, and mostly good things about the Splunk one. We use a lot of Splunk at work and I've seen some really impressive things, but I haven't personally worked with it, not do I really use it myself.

For whatever it's worth,
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