JP Vossen on 18 Aug 2010 14:05:51 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] X11 server for Windows

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 22:57:24 -0400
 From: "Joseph B. Welsh" <>

>  I needed to install Oracle 11G on CentOS the other day.  (Have I
>  mentioned that I loath Oracle with a passion?)  Among many other
>  problems, the*installer*  requires a*GUI*.  WTH?!?  A GUI does not
>  belong on a server, so why do you require one to install your arcane PoS

I install Oracle regularly on Centos and RHEL 5.3. I must be missing

I just ssh -X from a laptop and the installer displays on the laptop.  I
have found out from past experience that if you use DBCA (Database
Creation Assistant it fails over SSH.  It still wants to use old way
(export DISPLAY=laptopip:0.0)

Why should there EVER be a GUI on a server? Why should GUI cruft even live on the server's disk?

Of course if you don't have a second computer, than you would have to
install X11.

So is that what the problem was? no second computer?

The final problem was that the second computer *had* to be XP (due to VPN issues) so 'ssh -X' failed due to no X11 server.

The intermediate problems where mostly due to:
* The install is a VM intended for trivial testing, it has almost no resources. All it needs to do is get Oracle to start, and let me create DBs and tables, and do stuff, but it will never actually be used for anything or store anything.
* The physical hardware on which the VM lives is not big.
* The VM is a *minimal* install of CentOS; no GUI [1]

And I forgot to mention, Oracle also made me install pdksh.


[1] Over the years Red Hat has kinda of forgotten what "minimal" means. (To be fair, Ubuntu isn't a lot better. Debian rocks.) When I install CentOS, on that last screen where you pick packages, I choose custom, then go uncheck *everything*. Even after that there's stuff you can remove.
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