jeff on 25 Aug 2010 12:27:49 -0700

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[PLUG] my mouse gets stuck

Xubuntu 10.04
Nvidia Gforce quad monitor card
Dell Optiplex 740

Every now and then the cursor `gets stuck' between 2 monitors. No matter how much I move it, ESC, hit random keys, or scream, it's stuck. I can toggle CAPS but not type anything. Can't ctl-F1.

At this point I end up ctl-alt-prtscr-R_E_I_S_U_B-ing and lose two operating systems and four screens.

Can't find anything similar online.  Any direction would be appreciated.

The secondary issue is that the multi-mon setup works in kernel -22 but not any of the more recent ones. It fails to find the Nvidia driver no matter what I do, including Nvidia's utility to insert it. Driver is up to date.


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