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Re: [PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?

The pithy ruminations from Casey Bralla <> on "[PLUG] Free Inbound Fax Service?" were:

=> Anybody know of a free inbound fax service?   I see there are tons of paid 
=> services, but I was hoping for a free service for inbound use only.  

I assume you're talking about an inbound fax=>email gateway.

I've been using eFax for about 6~8 years. If I recall, they've changed my fax number once (twice?)....that may have been because I let it expire somehow. I receive very few faxes, and usually check manually that the account is still working before giving the fax number to anyone, and it has been reliable. I do get spam email from efax (about 3x/month), but as yet no junk faxes.

I've got high hopes that google voice will begin to receive inbound faxes.


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