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Re: [PLUG] Sed or awk help?!

The pithy ruminations from linc <> on "Re: [PLUG] Sed or awk help?!" were:


=> Actually what he said was:
=> "I have a file 1.7 million lines long..
=> It contains nothing but filenames with a .CEL extension.."


=> That doesn't necessarily mean it's one filename per line right?  Global 


In that case, I'd want a more complete specification of the input file (ie., what separator[s] are used between filenames).

One solution may be:

	sed -e "s/\.CEL%/%/g" 
if the delimiter was "%". Another possibility would be to try to enumerate a class of characters that are NOT the delimiters. For example, if
alpha-numeric characters were NOT the delimiters between filenames, you might use:

	sed -e "s/\.CEL\([^A-Za-z0-9]\)/\1/g"


=> seemed to be the best choice to "get 'em all" I guess..
=> :)
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