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[PLUG] Programmer/admin wanted, to work with Fred Stluka...

Friends of Fred,

Anyone interested in joining the team I'm currently working in?
You'd be a combination Linux sys admin and Web programmer.

Also, we'll soon have openings for more Web developers, mobile
developers (pads, phones, etc.), testers, human factors experts, 
tech writers, etc.

Located in Malvern PA.

Are you interested?  Know anyone who might be?  Please forward.



My current client is a small startup, so salaries may be low, but
employees get stock options, so you could get rich.  The client is 
well-funded, with enough seed money to carry it through the first 
2 years, and a great relationship with the VC firm providing the
funding.  Further rounds of funding are extremely likely, since we 
are well on our way to producing the Social CRM product that the 
VC guys want to use themselves.  Two of them are interested enough 
that they've personally invested as partial owners of the company.
The funding is not likely to dry up -- success depends entirely on
the ability of the team to produce and market the right software.

I've already set up the initial development and production 
infrastructure (see details in the formal job description below), 
but there is ongoing work as we grow the team, write the web app,
go live as beta and GA, scale to a massive number of users, etc.
Lots of new and creative work still to be done.

When not busy with infrastructure stuff, you'll also be writing
Groovy/Grails/jQuery code for the Web app, and you'll be involved 
in further requirements analysis, architecture/design decisions,

I hand-picked a tech lead (Mike Brocious) and have worked with him 
and the other recently hired team members to develop a multi-tier 
Web Service architecture.  We've selected a set of tools and 
technologies, and have created the first few iterations of the 
software.  However, we're only a couple months old, so nothing is 
really set in stone.  If you have good ideas, you can have a 
dramatic effect.

Your current technical skills are not critical.  The most important 
thing is that you be the right kind of person:

- Enjoys a challenge
- Willing to work hard and play hard (we have frequent breaks for 
  foosball and Frisbee)
- Loves to teach team members
- Loves to learn from team members (leave your ego at the door)

If that's you, we can teach you the tech skills.

(On the other hand, it would be great if you were already the world's
foremost authority on all of the tools and technologies we're using.
But then, there's that ego thing again...  :-)

Interested?  See the formal job description below.

Fred Stluka -- --
Bristle Software, Inc -- -- Glad to be of service!
Open Source: Without walls and fences, we need no Windows or Gates.

We are looking to hire a dev-ops person to join our software startup.
The ideal candidate has about 4-6 years experience.  We are preparing
to go live with a private-beta release, and production roll out early
next year.

Primary responsibility is for infrastructure and system operations as
- Security, intrusion detection/prevention 
- Monitoring backups, disk usage, logs, etc. 
- Ensuring 24x7 uptime 
- Updates of OS and software packages 
- Scalability of the server farms 
- Other sys admin tasks
Additional responsibilities may include programming parts of the
application and testing when time allows.  The intention is to
initially assist and be mentored by a senior [me --Fred], and assume
full responsibility for the operations over time.

We are deployed with following the components (previous experience is
not required, but is a plus):

- Cloud:       Amazon Web Services 
- OS:          Linux (Fedora) 
- Web:         Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server 
- DB:          MongoDB 
- Framework:   Grails/Groovy 
- Source Code: Git 
- Build:       Hudson 
- Wiki:        MediaWiki 
- Issues:      JIRA 
- Testing:     Selenium 
- Coverage:    Cobertura 
- Monitoring:  Nagios, Snort, Splunk, Tripwire, Logwatch, Fail2ban 
Based in Malvern, PA, Visibiz was founded in April of 2010. We are a
software startup in the social CRM space, and are funded via venture

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