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Re: [PLUG] kernel config/compile sanity check

The pithy ruminations from JP Vossen <>
with the subject "[PLUG] kernel config/compile sanity check" were:

=> I have to reverse engineer what someone at work did before he
somewhat => unexpectedly left (with no documentation).  Among other
things, there is


=> a custom Linux kernel in the mix.  I have 10
different build dirs for 7 => different kernel versions (2.6.7 to

By 'custom' you mean hacked kernel source, or custom selection of
config options?

If it's the're stuck (absent source code, version control
system, etc).

If you're looking to retrieve config choices from a compiled kernel, it
may not be so bad. [I'm out of the office right now, doing this from
memory, so the following statements will lack many specifics.] Modern
Linux kenrnels have the option to embed a compressed copy of the config
file in the kernel. That is accessible from /proc on a running system
(depending on options), or can be extracted from the kernel binary.

Google is your friend...


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