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Re: [PLUG] Android (was Blocking A Program From Running - android too)

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On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 11:45 AM, Richard Freeman
<r-plug@thefreemanclan.net> wrote:
> However, apps can also start services, or attach themselves to events
> that I don't want them to attach to. ÂMy only choice as a user is to
> install it or not install it. ÂThat isn't much of a choice.
> The ability to control what is going on with their phones. ÂMaybe I have
> an app that shouldn't need to connect to the network, but it does so
> anyway (perhaps to display ads) - I should be able to block this. ÂMaybe
> I have an app with an optional alarm feature that has the ability to
> wake itself up, and I only want it to run when I want it to run.

You have one other choice. Use open source software and modify it
yourself. Avoid the closed source stuff and sidestep the issues.

> I don't think my phone has ever lasted two days on one charge, even with
> almost nothing installed. ÂIt has gotten a lot better but on occasion it
> drains fast - probably some misbehaving app waking the phone all the
> time. ÂIt is very frustrating to not be able to control this.

Going to 2.2 helped me quiet a bit. The power management is better
under 2.2. The next big chunk of power savings I found was via under
clocking. I'm using a a moto droid x. Yes, the one with the locked
down bootloader. Idealogical issues aside, it's a great phone. The
stock kernel is quite flexible. So, in addition to having a relatively
large battery, it also supports clocking down from 1ghz to 300mhz.
When my screen is off and the phone is idle I have it setup to clock
way down. It scales back up as demand for cpu goes up and when the
screen is unlocked. If you're rooted, the Setcpu app is a nice to

Beyond telling the phone to clock way down when Idle, I have done
nothing else. I just also have light usage patterns on most week days.
Like I said, heavy use requires more charging.

> FYI - from what I've been reading the best short-term fix is to just
> extract an apk from the phone, edit its manifest, and re-sign it (with a
> test key or whatever). ÂThat will change its permissions, and whatever
> you set will be enforced by the OS. ÂEven if android only semi-automated
> this process it would be a big improvement.

Just be aware that if you do that, you are going to have to manually
download and repackage updates. The signatures wont match up and the
app cannot upgrade itself in that case. Not a big deal, but be aware
of it. The same holds true for 'themed' apks for the same reasons. The
crypto signatures aren't from the same person so it will not allow
updates from a different source than the one installed.

Also, if you haven't already found it, titanium backup is your friend.

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