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Re: [PLUG] Networking Cat5e cable question....

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  • Subject: Re: [PLUG] Networking Cat5e cable question....
  • Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 16:29:11 -0400
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On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 4:25 PM, Carl Johnson <> wrote:
Define "not working"

Allow me: the cables are "failing to light up the 'link' lights when [he] plug[s] them into various devices".

Are you testing regularly with known good cables and known good hardware? That is, have you absolutely isolated that it's the cables you're making, and store-bought cables continue to work fine? Personally, my area of trouble was always fitting the lines into the end caps.. there's an art to it that unfortunately I still lack!

Has anyone else been able to use the same materials and produce a working cable? That is, can we ascertain whether it's a materials or craftsmanship issue?
"Mike Sheinberg" <> wrote:

>I'm having some issues with a new box of 1000' cat5e cable and was wondering
>if anyone on here could provide some advice. I know this isn't exactly a
>Linux question but it's general networking and I figured it would be in the
>same ballpark for many of you :)
>Anywhoo, a lot of the patch cables I am making is failing to light up the
>'link' lights when I plug them into various devices. I have made a couple
>successful ones that work but the majority of them are a huge headache and
>are not working. The weird part is we have two cat5 network cable testers
>here, both of them confirm that all my lines match up and that both ends of
>the cable are identical (one of the devices even gives me an accurate
>reading of the cable lengh). Still though I have issues plugging these into
>devices. At this point I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the
>cable, or wrong with the RJ45 end pieces, or a weird combination of both. Do
>Cat5e cables require a different rating/class/whatever of RJ45 ends than
>cat5 cables? I don't seem to have this issue when I'm making traditional
>cat5 patch cable...
>Thanks in advance for any pointers.
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