Eric on 10 Oct 2010 07:48:54 -0700

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[PLUG] Ubuntu 10.04 boot problem(s)

Well, less than 2 weeks with my new 10.04 install and I'm in trouble... and stumped.

It appears that X does not start or that the boot process hangs before it gets to X. for a "normal" boot I end up stuck on the splash screen. If I boot the "rescue" option I see:

* Setting sensors limits  [ OK ]
* Setting console screen modes and fonts

... and then it just sits there.
I'm unable to get any virtual consoles - the screens are blank.

I can boot the system from the old hard drive running Intrepid 8.10 so I know the hardware (including video card) are fine. Unfortunately, I chose ext4 for the new root partition so I cannot mount it from the running Intrepid system (no support for ext4).

I'm going to reboot from the 10.04 install disk to get a live system and see if I can gather any information from the syslog or messages files.

[hints|tips|suggestions] would be appreciated!

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