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[PLUG] hep! hep! alternatives to microsoft exchange


A company I recently started working for is possibly going to go... eek.. microsoft exchange. We are a small company with only a handful of people in office, and another batch of folks out doing installations and construction; about 10 or a few less in the office on a regular basis -- only two or three which are constantly on the computer for business management purposes, several of the others are floating salespeople. Then we have our field team doing construction, installs, deliveries, pickups, etc. -- probably at this time no more than 7-10. Of course we may expand in the future, but that is to be expected. I believe the desire is to plug our salespeople, and our in-field techs and delivery folks into a central information resource for better management, organization, and sales, access to central databases and images, etc. Currently desktops are primarily MS XP, although one of us just got a Mac Laptop, and cell phones are varied.

While I can do some in-house maintenance of systems, my job does not give me the freedom to be full-time IT, nor do I really wish to take on that position.

I'm looking for one (or more) local companies, consultants, etc. who can come in and offer some better alternatives before they make a final decision.

Please note I do not currently get the PLUG emails in my main box so if you wish me to see a response please send it to me me off-list directly.


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