Casey Bralla on 23 Nov 2010 07:38:43 -0800

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[PLUG] OT: Need Javascript Help

Sorry for the off-topic, but I'm working on a web page that runs on apache on 
Debian. <grin>

I'm trying to incorporate a javascript to select dates.  I'm using Matt 
Kruse's CalendarPopup.js routine, which seems pretty cool ( )

However, I'm having a weird problem.  The calendar popup will not work if 
there is an html FORM preceeding the call to the OnClick routine.  If the FORM 
follows the OnClick routine, everything works fine.  If the form preceeds the 
OnClick, nothing happens.  (No error messages in /var/loga/apache2/error.log, 

I'm new to javascript, but this seems totally goof-ball and makes no sense to 

Here are 2 pages that show what I mean:

This works:

This does not work:

The pages are almost identical, except that I commented out the FORM 
preceeding the call to the javascript routine.

Can somebody explain what the heck is going on here?

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