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Re: [PLUG] recompiling a kernel for performance

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Your links are to 2.6 kernel items so I presume 2.3 is a typo?

Do your cluster tools allow you to measure the performance of specific nodes? If
so, you might be able to update a few systems and look at the post-simulation
stats to compare the performance of the updated nodes to the "vanilla" nodes.


On 12/06/2010 08:26 AM, Mag Gam wrote:
> Hello All,
> At our university lab we have close to 50 Redhat 5.2 servers. Each of
> them with 8, 16, and some with 24 cores. Most have 64GB and some with
> 126GB of memory. These servers are mainly used for simulations. A
> simulation may consist of a Octave, Python, R, and MATLAB process
> which reads data and generates data. Each process can take 60 mins to
> 70 hours. I am sure there are other tuning we can do such as -- tune
> I/O subsystem, tune network, etc...
> Assuming all the 'low bearing fruit' have been picked would
> recompiling with the latest 2.3.36 kernel help in computing speed?
> Some features  interesting are:
> (workqueue: implement concurrency managed dynamic worker pool)
> To summarize, here are some new enhancements for 2.3.26
> Also, are there any settings in the kernel I can set to enhance
> performance -- According to redhat you should stick with their build
> :-/
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