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Re: [PLUG] Need Advice: Netbook for Christmas?

On Dec 22, 2010, at 1:48 AM, JP Vossen <> wrote:

> The thing is, a lot of what they call "netbooks" these days I'd call a tiny laptop.  Not to start a holy war, but what I liked about the concept originally was no moving parts (i.e. SSD) and most of the "netbooks" seem have hard drives these days.  This is a personal pet peeve, I guess, probably no one else cares...  :-)

After they first introduced netbooks with SSDs, some cheaper ones came out with HDs, and that is what the buying public wanted. I prefer the SSDs, too, for battery life and durability. 

I get 6-7 hours on a full battery charge, but the battery on my 10" Asus is bigger than the one in the Dell 9". I can get 3-4 days in suspend, if you want to take advantage of "instant on". 

> I think the Mini-9 keyboard really sucks.  Others may disagree.  I've seen much better layouts on just about all the other machines.  I think I liked the Asus one.
We bought a Mini-9 to try at work. The keyboard is one of the reasons it was the last one we bought. The computing power seemed (subjectively) much less than the Asus as well. 

I liked the wall wart charger, though. Significantly more portable than even the smallest laptop brick chargers. 

>> Has anyone bought a netbook recently?  How do you feel about 6 months later?
>> Would you buy one again if you had it to do over again?
> If I lost mine I'd probably replace it eventually, but I cold live without it too.  I used to bring it to PLUG meetings, then stopped bothering.  I have given a couple of presos from it though.

To veer a little off topic, I recently won an iPad in a raffle. Seems like I use it like JP uses his Mini-9. This thing has the conveniece of instant on, great portability, and is a nice reader and personal movie viewer. Other than email, though, it is really tough to get anything out of it. And I'll never get used to the way Apple locks it down. It doesn't want me to type netbook as a compound word, because Apple decided that they don't like them  I would never replace it if I had to pay for it. 

On the other hand, I would definitely replace the netbook if it died. 
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