Julien Vehent on 27 Jan 2011 15:54:44 -0800

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[PLUG] Ninja repair of a XFS volume

Hi list,

One of my hosted server has some XFS problems. after the last crash, some of my RRD folders got corrupted.

example (sorry, it's in french):

# rm *
rm: impossible de supprimer « create_rrd.sh »: La structure a besoin d'un nettoyage
rm: impossible de supprimer « old »: est un dossier
rm: impossible de supprimer « tcgraph.log »: La structure a besoin d'un nettoyage rm: impossible de supprimer « tcgraph.rrd »: La structure a besoin d'un nettoyage

The normal move would be to restart the system in single user, or using a live cd, and run a xfs_repair on /dev/sda. Unfortunately (it would be too easy), the hosting company provides a option to restart on a live cd that doesn't work. Since the machine is hosted in France, and I'm in King of Prussia, visiting the datacenter is not an option.

It seems that I can't touch the inodes at all, I get that "structure needs a cleanup" message everytime.

So, question is: does anyone know a way to repair/fix that XFS filesystem by hand ?
Any low-level XFS manipulation tool that could help ?

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