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Re: [PLUG] iptables question

On Monday 31 January 2011 12:38, Julien Vehent wrote:

>  In addition to David's rule, I would add that a default DROP policy is
>  not very practical because you cannot log what you drop.
>  Instead, you should consider adding a DROP rule at the end of your
>  ruleset (thus applied to everything that isn't accepted by the preceding
>  rules) containing a jump to a custom chain that logs before dropping
>  packets. Such as:

I have to disagree with logging every dropped packet.  Here is why.

While logging is good thing, to much logging is a nightmare.  For the simple 
reason you fill up your logs with information that is useless and going over 
the logs is a task because you have too much useless information in them.  
What do you care if someone is trying to log into port(s) you don't have 

The only thing I have in my DROPLOG chain, that logs, are ports that I have 
opened.  If they are dropped I want to know about them not the ports I have 

Now if you are looking to block everyone who is scanning your system then you 
need to log everything because you need to know about ports that are not 



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