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Re: [PLUG] Todd Park speaking about open data, Fri 2/25, 11:30 AM

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 11:56:29AM -0500, jeff wrote:
> >   Mr. Park will be speaking about the Community Health Data Initiative
> >   (CDHI). The vision of this initiative is to help improve health by
> >   creating a growing âecosystemâ of community health data supply and
> >   use. There is huge potential for these HHS datasets to be used to
> >   improve health across multiple dimensions.
> ack - data security!
> data mining
> profiling
> [insert number of the beast rantings]

[insert rant about people making knee-jerk reactions to a 3-sentence
description of a project without taking the time to learn more about

The description of the project at
looks quite promising, and it sounds like what they'd be releasing
aren't anyone's individual medical records, but rather community-level
aggregate data.  Obviously any open data can be used for good or evil,
but since our tax dollars are paying for this data to be generated,
isn't it better for it to be open to all?

If you have concerns, this seems like it would be an excellent
opportunity to address them!


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