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Re: [PLUG] PICC'11 NJ SysAdmin Conf - Early Bird Savings Extended!

Hello List,
I just wanted to say a few words about the PICC Conference. I am a
sysadmin here at the Archdiocese. I am a one person IT shop and I am
always looking for places where I can get some help or training. So I
attended the Picc conference last year. It was well worth the money and
the time away from the office. I was able to make some new contacts and
also got to finally put a face to a name on some folks I have been
corresponding with for the past year. The Friday evening Dinner/Talk and
movie was a blast. There were enough different topics to choose from.
Actually I had to miss a talk or two because of time conflicts. In work
we were moving an internal Web site to Drupal and there was a talk on
Yale uses Drupal. It was more advanced than my implementation but I was
able to get a good insight into Drupal's use. 

As for the social side of it I think it was great. There was plenty of
food and drink at the breaks and ample time to grab something and hold a
decent conversation with others. So i give it a thumbs up.

Any other questions I'd be glad to answer them. Hope to see you at the


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So, have any of you all attended this conference? Have fun?

Julien Mills 

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