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Re: [PLUG] Droid and IMAP

Re: the $13 cert... (because i don't know diddly about the droid part)
There's a free cert authority:Â$0 for single subdomain, $50 for wildcard certs (2 year term). Reads like it's usable.
On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 8:40 AM, Eric at <> wrote:
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A friend of mine is trying to set up his Verizon Droid to access his IMAP server
on his Linux box. ÂHe tells me it's "not working". ÂI've asked him for what
error messages, if any, he's seeing.

I've never touched a Droid outside of the Verizon store so I don't have any
personal experience with this.

He thinks it might be because the SSL cert for the server is self-signed. ÂDoes
this seem reasonable? ÂI told him to ask Verizon to delineate the cert
authorities they recognize. ÂAlso, can one add a cert authority to the Droid?

This is interesting:

I did not know you could get a cert for about $13/yr!

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