George Langford on 11 Apr 2011 08:21:51 -0700

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[PLUG] Strange CPanel behavior

Last week I noticed in my CPanel usage statistics that a great
many folks at "nnn.mmm.rrr.*" were apparently
accessing files at my website but under another username, e.g.:

The * in "nnn.mmm.rrr.*" varies over a wide range.

I looked in mywebsite's files and found nothing that wasn't mine.

I then tested the situation by using my server's IP address:

IPAddress/~username/ALIBABASECURITY/C/ and

which showed a file structure for the first URL but not for the
second URL. Whew.

In spite of calls to my IP's tech support and an email to
the other user's website contact address, I get no useful
answers from Tech Support and silence from the other guy.

Tech Support does tell me that the other guy & I share the
same server, and I was able to find the other guy's contact
information OK, but the webpage that comes up with the URL's
listed above has nothing to do with the guy's website subject
matter.  And the false hits from keep on coming
like an electronic tsunami, albeit a gentle one, not
overwhelming, but contaminating my usage statistics to a
significant degree.  The login page for the extraneous web
company is a Chinese inport/export outfit.

How could it be that CPanel's Webalizer utility is making
these misteaks ?

George Langford

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