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[PLUG] Unix/Linux sys admin needed at Jefferson Univ, Center City, Philly...

Philly Linux folks,

Interested in this one?

- Sys admin for Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris
- Jefferson Univ, Center City, Philly
- ~$85K/year

See instructions below for applying at the Web site and contacting Chris.

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Chris Heerschap wrote:

Hey Fred-

Kris is right, we've had a bear of a time getting any qualified
candidates so far.  We had some, but moved a little too slow and
missed out.

Here's a rundown of what we're looking for:

*nix sysadmin - about 70 linux boxes, 32 HP-UX boxes, and a handful of
AIX and Solaris boxes.  Linux is the big one, and continually growing,
seems like 2-3 more every week or so.  We do the OS and hardware, and
other groups do the applications.

Our group is also the SAN administrators, running IBM storage (SVC
virtualization, DS4000 and XIV disk) and Brocade/McData switches.  So,
some SAN experience would be nice but isn't really critical.  Any
decently talented Unix/Linux administrator could handle what we do
with no problem.

So, if you know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know.
Also, they should submit their resume here:

The job ID is 58212.  Unfortunately they make it a pain in the butt to
directly link to the job, so you have to go to "Advanced search" and
enter the job ID, or alternately, search for "UNIX System
Administrator" and it should be the only hit..

They should also send their resume to me directly, since we've had
some folks with excellent qualifications get passed up by HR for some
unknown reason.



My good friend Chris is looking to hire a full time sysadmin (DevOps, Chris?
That's the current cool kid title...) in the area.  Knowing your extensive
network, I thought maybe you could put something out for him to get a few
good leads as it's been troublesome finding qualified folks so far.


Job Description
Job Title: UNIX System Administrator (Operations - Resource Management) - Information Systems
 Job ID:    58212
 Location:  Center City, Philadelphia
 Full/Part Time: Full-Time
 Regular/Temporary: Regular


A position in the Hospital Information Systems department to install,
upgrade, maintain and administer multiple UNIX systems and subsystems
(HP-UX, Linux). Includes general problem solving, file configuration
and maintenance according to application specifications, support and
administration of system backup and restore processes, daily
performance monitoring, error detection; and system tuning. The duties
and responsibilities associated with the position are as follows:

- Install, upgrade, and maintain multiple UNIX systems and subsystems,
 including HP-UX and Linux (RedHat and SuSe)
- Support and administer system backup and restore processes.
- Provide day to day performance monitoring and error detection;
 perform system tuning as necessary.
- Establish/maintain appropriate security facilities and perform
ongoing monitoring of access activity. - Perform system bench marking for server sizing and develop/document new
 configurations as required.
- Configure and maintain file systems as required by application.
- Perform general problem solving and provide support to developers,
 DBAs and clients.
- Provide remote, multi-data center monitoring and support.
- Develop, test and implement automation routines and scripts where
- Perform research and development on new and emerging technologies


The position requires 5 years actual UNIX administration experience
with at least 2 in an HP-UX or Red Hat Linux environment. This
includes administration of software, hardware, accounting, printing,
security, networking, scheduling, and file systems. Experience with
more than one UNIX variant helpful. Advanced shell scripting skills
are essential, as is familiarity with networking concepts including
TCP/IP and knowledge of VMware and blade technology.

Exposure and a working knowledge of Tandem platforms and GE Centricity
Enterprise applications, network monitoring tools, Oracle and SQL Server
DBMS', Tivoli Storage and Domino applications would be a definite plus. We
are seeking a highly motivated individual with well-developed technical,
organization, and communication skills to work in our growing healthcare

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