Steve Slaughter on 30 Apr 2011 10:19:56 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] plug Digest, Vol 77, Issue 34

I was able to reach the boot menu by repeatedly pressing CTRL-ALT-F1; apparently pressing this key combo only once was previously insufficient.  Anyway, I tried to update the kernel to the server edition as someone mentioned (using sudo apt-*something*...can't remember the exact command language), but this did not solve my problem.  I'm restoring this system to a previous image I created last Saturday, so hopefully I'll be up and running shortly.  Question: should I attempt to reinstall 11.04 after I return to the 10.10 image?  I'm wondering if maybe some of the files were corrupted somehow during my first upgrade attempt; perhaps a second update attempt will succeed? 


I don't normally use Ubuntu, but if you did actually assign a password
to "root" than almost exclusively using sudo and during the grub boot
display manage to select Ubuntu (recovery mode) then on the recovery
menu select netroot, you should be able to boot in and play with apt-get
to get things working.  One other possibility from the recovery menu is
to select dpkg  Repair broken packages.  If neither works, another
option is to make a boot cd or USB stick, boot from that and then
restore your backed up image.

Apparently some folks are having issues with authentication in 11.04,
guess normally using slackware has some advantages.

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