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Re: [PLUG] Compaq laptop with no screen/display

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In similar situations I've had success removing the hard drive from the laptop
and connected it to a workstation using a $10 adapter that I bought at

That system is old enough that the drive is most likely PATA but pull it out
before you go buying an adapter to be sure.  Once you connect it to the
workstation and boot the system Linux will see and read the NTFS file system on
the drive.  At that point you can copy the files that need to be saved quite

Also, don't forget to connect the drive with the workstation off.  I typically
remove the power cord too just because I'm a superstitious electrical engineer.

Good luck.


On 06/13/2011 09:46 AM, Loic Duros wrote:
> Hello,
> A while ago, my parents laptop (Compaq Presario R3000) went into (winxp) standby
> mode and since then never displayed anything on screen again (black screen).
> When I turn it on, once a while it will play one long beep, then 2 short beeps,
> which means there's an error with the video card. I can hear the Windows startup
> sound after that, but still can see nothing. I've tried to plug in a monitor and
> use the special screen hotkey (FN+F4) to change from internal/external, but it
> doesn't work either. So it's definitely the video card or some problem with the
> bios and that card maybe.
> I was wondering if anyone ever had this sort of problem and if there is a way to
> create a cd/dvd with linux that would boot without requiring any input, and
> start sshd so that I could then ssh in from another computer?
> Thanks for your help!
> Loic
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