Adam Zion on 16 Jun 2011 11:40:42 -0700

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[PLUG] Running Smoothwall on VirtualBox

In an attempt to reduce the heat in NET Frankford Ave. server room,
which doubles as my office, I'm consolidating servers. I consolidated
one small Debian server into a much more powerful Windows PC by
installing Apache on the Windows box + recreating the Samba shares
from the Debian box.

The second job is much touchier: installing Smoothwall on the Windows
box via VirtualBox. So far, even though I got Smoothwall to detect the
cards, when I fire up the virtual machine the network is always
unavailable. I suspect that the issue is with how I'm configuring the
NICs to work in VB- NAT, bridged, internal, or host-only. But damned
if I can find the right combination.

This machine contains two NICs- one going to the Comcast cable modem,
and one to the Clubhouse PCs. I would think that these should either
both be configured as NAT or bridged, but neither of those worked.

Has anyone here tried something vaguely like this in the past? I know-
I should either leave the Smoothwall box as-is or install it on a
linux server. But this box needs to run Windows for various reasons,
and I really don't feel like completely nuking it in the hope that
this will replicate something that we already have.


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