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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu root password

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In my experience the root password in Ubuntu is unset.  They expect you to
provide your user password to the sudo command to become root.

I typically sudo to root and then set a password.  This is for my workstation...
not sure what best practice is for a server sitting on the 'net but if you
choose a good password you should be okay.  I never allow root to directly ssh
into system.


On 06/22/2011 11:08 AM, Eric H. Johnson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to do a minimal install of Ubuntu 11.04. I started with Ubuntu
> server and selected minimum install, previously known as JeOS (Just Enough
> Operating System). I then manually installed xdm, gnome-core and xorg.
> Everything came up fine, however whenever I run an application, such as
> synaptic that prompts for a password I am told invalid password. However if
> I run sudo synaptic for example and put the password in there, it works
> fine. So I am entering the correct password, at least for sudo. Is there a
> separate password for root, or is there something that I still need to
> install to synch the passwords?
> Thanks, 
> Eric
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