Floyd Johnson on 9 Jul 2011 11:49:51 -0700

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[PLUG] dhclient+ wicd + wl +Dell Inspiron mini 10v == occasional sticking?

Hi, PLUGgers.

Over the last week-plus, I've been fooling around with  WICD. It seems
the hard part of coordinating between wpa_supplicant, iwconfig, and
friends is all done in Python, allegedly much better than in
NetworkManager. I did see where the latter, when aimed at a WLAN at
Reading Terminal Market, at once asked me for a PSK/passphrase for said
AND declared the network non-secured. As such, I have a nice little test
case for wicd.

At this point, I've found myself in moments when I've had to un-jam the
wireless stack by yanking and reinserting the Broadcom STA driver
("modprobe -r wl;modprobe wl"). Aside from "get a USB wireless card", is
there any way for a Linux app/shell script of my making to conclude that
dhclient is not gaining any ground due to wl being thrown off its game? 

Once that bit of logic, call it for the sake of argument
"card_is_hosed('eth1')", reliably returns "TRUE", whatever I make simply
calls something like  exec("modprobe -r wl;modprobe wl"), and lets wicd
know to try again. By dint of wicd being half-naked Python, I can easily
build such logic into the daemon and/or client.

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