steve f on 10 Jul 2011 09:29:44 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Volunteering

Possibly not directly what you are looking for but hands on is hands on.  I did about 1 yr volunteer work with the American Red Cross in their IT dept in Phila after getting my MCSE while looking for an Admin job.

Contacting the United Way and or a Catholic Charities may be an option to getting some hands on.

I also just read a story about GILD that may provide something to help her .

Hope this helps,

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> Subject: [PLUG] Volunteering
> My friend has been looking for a IT job for the last 1.5 year and its
> been an up hill battle ever since. She submitted more than 100+
> resumes and had some interviews but to no avail. She understands she
> does not have a lot of programming experience (she is coming from the
> business side) but would like to step into it since she enjoys it. I
> told her volunteering to an opensource project would be ideal but I
> too am confused what would be a good project to volunteer.
> Can anyone recommend a project she can get her feet wet with? Are
> there any projects where mentors or senior people are assigned to
> newbie volunteers? Has anyone had experience (good/bad) with such
> projects?
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